Vision Foundation

project details

Client: Vance Thompson Vision

Deliverable: Mobile App, UI/UX Design

Year: 2016-Present

Field: Interactive

Scope: Regional

Designed and developed a series of mobile apps for the Vision Foundation regional conference, which occurs biannually. The mobile app is designed for various devices, including smartphones and tablets, and is available for both Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

Version: Home Run
Release: Fall 2019

Vision Foundation app mockups

Version: Passport
Release: Fall 2018

Passport Edition app screenshots

Version: Live Lights
Release: Spring 2018

Vision Foundation app mockups

Version: Back To The Future
Release: Fall 2017


Version: Secret Agent
Release: Spring 2017


Version: Homecoming
Release: Fall 2016


Version: Symposium
Release: Spring 2017

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