Illuminating The On Campus Experience Of LGBTQ Students Through Photovoice

project details

Type: Community Engagement/Social Design

Collaboration: Design, Mental Health, & Community

Deliverable: Gain insight about LGBTQ students’ campus experiences; Enhance their sense of school belonging; Positively impact their psychological wellbeing.

Year: 2016

Field: Design Empathy, Socially Conscious Design, Human-Centered Design, Public Awareness, Community Engagement

This study combined qualitative research methodology with participant photography to illuminate the on‐campus experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer college students attending a public university in the Midwest

Participants attended 6 photovoice sessions, which the authors transcribed and analyzed, using student photographs and key quotes to contextualize themes. Overarching themes reflected in student photography and discussions revealed several negative experiences on campus, including feeling categorized and practicing self‐censorship. However, students also identified positive experiences on campus, including LGBTQ safe zones and advocacy.

Participant photographs and key quotes were graphically rendered and presented to the campus community and key stakeholders. A permanent exhibition of student photographs from this project is displayed in the university student center at the University of South Dakota.

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