SO•BE Stories

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The SO•BE (Social Behavioral) Stories app was developed with the purpose of teaching early education learners (3-5 year olds) essential pro-social skills and behavioral expectations in the school environment. By combining evidence-based intervention strategies of Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS) and Social Stories with design and digital media, this app has the potential to engage a broad range of young children through a developmentally appropriate interactive experience.


The depiction of each character for the SO•BE Stories app, as well as their names, were chosen to realistically represent culturally diverse children. Clothing was kept simple, but with attention to character personality and presence.

SO•BE Stories Charater Line-up

The illustration technique is a combination of thick and thin strokes that hint at playfulness. Facial expressions were chosen based on research to identify easily recognizable emotional expressions given the developmental level of the players (3-5 year olds).

Emma Crying
Ari and Emma Celebrating

User Interface & Experience

There are three main stories in the SO•BE Stories app that teach the desirable behavioral expectations (be kind, be helpful, and be safe). Each story involves a social dilemma in a school environment (e.g. playground), and a number of choices. Along with the main character, each story incorporates a secondary character in the role of the “friend” that allows for interaction and for the story to fully play out.

SO•BE Stories Playground
SO•BE Stories Playground Positive
SO•BE Stories Playground Negative

The desired choice is reinforced at the end of the story through characters cheering, the presence of color, and positive emotional depictions.

Conversely, the less desired choice includes a realistic consequence that serves to teach the player real life outcomes connected with behavior.