Exposing Violence

Awareness Campaign

Software Utilized

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This infographic series pertaining to violence was sectioned into three main categories: sexual abuse towards women, suicide, and homicide, and was executed through a variety of media (e.g., print, web, and video).

Posters were created utilizing real objects that serve to tell a story about the outlined figure around which they are positioned. The figure lacks clear representation to allow the viewer to place either themselves, or someone they know directly into the display. The poster dealing with suicide incorporates reflective paper that is overlayed on top of some of the glass pieces, which physically transposes the viewer into the figure. Finally, the main heading uses wordplay to bridge the selected object with the statistical information about violence.

Exposing Violence Poster: Violence Against Women
Exposing Violence Poster: Suicide
Exposing Violence Poster: Homicide

Web Display

An interactive website was created to allow the user to further explore the various scenes and to be exposed to additional statistical information associated with the particular category of violence. Additionally, the overall aesthetic takes on an investigative tone, highlighting the criminal aspect of violence, while also placing the viewer in an active role, highlighting personal responsibility.

Exposing Violence Laptop Version
Exposing Violence Screenshot
Exposing Violence Screenshot
Exposing Violence Screenshot
Exposing Violence Screenshot

Video Display

The video component of the series, which focuses on the category of suicide, incorporates the aesthetics of the poster and website through the use of black and white imagery resembling an x-ray. The video opens with the close-up of an individual’s eye, which suddenly becomes inverted as the camera zooms into the pupil revealing the first object and statistical information. The x-ray effect, offering an internal view, remains prevalent throughout the remainder of the piece as it cycles through the various objects and data until the end of the video, where the camera zooms back out revealing the black and white eye. However, this time the contrast has been increased to emphasize the impact suicidal ideation can have on an individual’s mental and physical state. The final shot, before fading to black, is of the eye closing. This was deliberately chosen to allow for various interpretations of the individual’s final outcome.

Exposing Violence Video Screenshots