Design Like You Mean It

June 2013 | Design Habitat

Design Habit 2013 offered two sessions: Tactile Design and Social Design. The two sessions shared a common project to that was exhibited in the John A. Day Gallery Graphic Design professionals from the area were invited to provide personal critiques of the work.

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Visualizing Music

December 2012 | M.F.A. Research Project

Over the years, music and the role it plays on our emotions has been widely studied. We know that music has the power to alter our moods and that we choose to listen to certain types of music when in a certain emotional state. We also know that music is one aspect that is present in all cultures and has been intertwined with us as a species from our early beginnings. However, is it possible to measure the emotional potential of music and its ability to communicate emotion even through a visual medium? Can auditory elements of music such as tempo, loudness, timbre and time be graphically represented in a way that will connect with a random viewer? Is emotion experienced in certain parts of the body and is there a connection to color and emotional states? Finding means to answer these questions is my primary goal. This was conducted through an exploration of music’s relationship with emotion, the possibility of portraying music visually, and visual representation of emotion through color.

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